Using Interdental Brushes for Healthy Teeth

Interdental brushes offer an alternative to dental floss and similar benefits to it. Incorporating them into your oral hygiene routine can be a great way of keeping your teeth and gums healthy and preventing future problems.

Who should use them?

Interdental brushes should be used by those who need to clean between their teeth effectively. Floss is an alternative option but some people find floss trickier to use than these brushes. They are especially good for those with braces as they offer an easier way of cleaning around the wire.

What are they?

Interdental brushes are tiny toothbrushes which can be inserted between the teeth. They have tiny bristled heads specifically for cleaning the gaps between teeth. They come in a variety of sizes (and colours!) so you can choose the one which will clean most efficiently for you and fit most perfectly in the gaps between your teeth – you may need to use different sizes for your different gaps.

When should you use them?

Interdental brushes should be used at the same time that you brush your teeth. Either use them just before brushing to loosen the plaque, or just after as you’ll have easier access to the gaps in your teeth as the majority of food debris will have been brushed away. Discuss with your dentist how often you should be using the interdental brushes.

Why use them?

They are one of the most efficient ways of removing any build up of plaque and so reducing the risk of gum disease. The ultimate effects of this are cleaner teeth, fresher breath and a healthier mouth.

How do you use them effectively?

Don’t be surprised if your gums bleed at first. This should reduce as you continue to use them and your gums become healthier. If your gums continue to bleed after several sessions, please consult your dentist. Always insert the brushes gently and work from side to side of the mouth so you take care not to miss out any teeth!

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