Understanding Root Canal Therapy

There are probably a lot of you that have heard of someone ‘going for a root canal’ but exactly what endodontic therapy entails and its place in modern dentistry is not so widely known. Here, we give a brief outline of how root canal therapy is used to help restore a healthy mouth.

Who’s it for?

Root canal treatment is used when the pulp of the tooth has become infected. The pulp contains the nerves and the blood supply to the tooth and is connected right down to its root. Infection may occur because of tooth decay or because of some trauma to the area, leaving the pulp vulnerable to bacteria. This can cause pus to collect in the tooth and spread to the surrounding area (a dental abscess). It is for those people who are suffering from this that root canal therapy may be an option. Here at One80, we will only provide root treatment to a tooth if it is likely to be a long-term solution. We have an expected 5 year success rate of 90%.

What does it do?

Rather than extracting the tooth, root canal treatment aims to target the bacteria. The tooth is opened and its inside is sterilised and meticulously cleaned before being sealed. In some cases, a crown may be added for additional protection. Our root canal treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic.

Why Choose One80?

Dr Johnathan Hoare BDS MFDS (RCS Edin) carries out the root canal treatments at One80. We are pleased to guarantee our work and Dr Hoare has been with us since 1999. He is an Endodontist at the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital, Sheffield.

How Can Need Be Prevented?

Prevention is the best cure and to avoid a dental abscess, your best protection is to follow a good oral hygiene routine. This means thorough brushing of your teeth twice a day, flossing and ensuring that you have regular check-ups with your dentist so that any problems can be identified and sorted promptly.

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