Surgical dentistry

Specialist skills and extensive experience in surgical reconstructive techniques

Surgical dentistry – or oral surgery – can comprise anything from the extraction of a wisdom tooth to sophisticated reconstructive dentistry including bone grafting. Nigel Rosenbaum undertook extensive training with pioneering clinician Professor Fouad Khoury in the USA and Germany. This led him to acquire advanced skills and techniques which he has successfully practised ever since.

A higher success rate in bone reconstruction

Implants need to be placed in good bone. If there is not enough bone available, it may be possible to build up the bone using an advanced approach to bone grafting.

This procedure normally requires an extended appointment but can take place under local anaesthetic and sedation.

At a later stage dental implants are placed into the regenerated jaw bone, usually three months following the reconstruction procedure.

3-Dimensional Imaging

CT scans are normally taken before reconstructive surgery. Always at the forefront of technological development, one80dental has sophisticated in-house 3-dimensional imaging equipment, which provides high resolution 3-dimensional images and information.