Using unobtrusive modern braces to achieve excellent results in realignment

Orthodontic treatment can literally transform the smile of a patient whose teeth were previously badly aligned or crowded. In addition to cosmetic considerations, a brace can also help improve the teeth and the gums,improve the bite and make it easier for the patient to eat.
Here at one80dental we also use orthodontic treatment to create suitable space for implants or to arrange the teeth to achieve a more aesthetic gum shape.

Our specialist orthodontist uses fixed braces to gently realign the teeth over several months. Normally this involves small tooth-coloured brackets attached to secure wires, though in some cases your specialist may recommend metal brackets.
Most patients experience a little redness and swelling of the gums whilst wearing a brace. Good oral hygiene is crucial at this stage. This problem usually disappears once the brace is removed. After treatment you will be fitted with retainers. We’ll show you how to use these to ensure that the results you achieve will belong lasting.

Fast realignment using the Inman Aligner

If only the front teeth need to be realigned, we use a removable device known as an Inman Aligner. The Aligner pushes the teeth to their final position gently, but with constant pressure.
This simple device has a long track record of moving a limited number of teeth safely and quickly – typically in 4 to 16 weeks.