Saving damaged teeth through high quality root canal therapy

Endodontic, or root canal, therapy can save teeth which might otherwise be considered too badly damaged to save. Unfortunately, however, many people do lose teeth which were previously root treated. At one80dental we would only provide root treatment to a tooth if it is likely to provide a long term solution, and achieve an expected 5-year success rate of 90%.

Root canal treatment – how it works

Root canal therapy is an area of dentistry dealing with treatment of the diseased ‘pulp’ of the tooth. This is the nerve and blood supply which keeps the tooth alive.

If the pulp dies, we have to root treat or extract the tooth. Often the decay is still active and the tooth has been repaired with a large filling or a crown. Root treatment, or endodontic therapy, involves meticulous cleaning and sterilisation of the inside of the tooth, followed by comprehensive sealing of the canal system. With a careful approach, aided by resources such as our state-of-the-art operating microscope and disposable rotary instruments, root treatment can be very reliable.

At one80dental, we are confident of the high quality of the root canal therapy we carry out, to such an extent that we are pleased to guarantee our work.

Treatment is carried under local anaesthetic by Dr. Johnathan Hoare BDS MFDS (RCS Edin.), who has been working with us since 1999. Dr. Hoare is a Specialty Dentist at the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital, Sheffield, and has a special interest in Endodontics.