Bio-functional Prosthetic System (BPS Dentures). Creating high-specification dentures with superior fit

Many patients come to one80dental never having experienced adequately fitting dentures. They often find it difficult to believe that a truly accurate, comfortable fit can ever be achieved. Time and again, we are delighted to prove them wrong!

Here at our Sheffield practice the only dentures we fit – other than temporary dentures – are fabricated using the Bio-functional Prosthetic System. These are produced to a very high specification and made from extremely strong material – factors which help ensure they achieve a far superior fit to any other system we have encountered. The denture is injection moulded and processed in a temperature controlled environment, fabrication techniques that ensure accuracy, and ensure no taste from residual chemicals. They are made in conjunction with BPS technicians we have worked with for almost 20 years. Our patients have told us that properly fitted dentures have literally changed their lives, resulting in enormous improvements in self-confidence and far greater enjoyment of meals and social occasions.

I have been providing dentures using the BPS technique since 1995, and have for many years acted as IvoclarVivadent’s teacher for this technique to dentists throughout the UK