What should you be scared of?

With Hallow’een and Bonfire Night, the time of year is one where the focus on horror is huge. Every shop seems to have some kind of mask or costume on sale and all sorts of areas are getting in on the theme – TV programmes are having Hallow’een specials, your usual cakes and sweets probably have some Hallow’een edition out. But when it comes to your teeth, what kind of thing should you really be scared of?


Because sugar is a high-energy food, when it combines with bacteria in the mouth, high levels of acid are released which may damage your tooth enamel. It is a readily available ingredient and is present in many more kinds of foods than you may initially think – check your labels! At this time of year, confectionary is extremely popular so be careful not to go overboard on the Trick or Treat goodies! Be extra vigilant when brushing your teeth afterwards.


As mentioned above, acid is to be feared and alcohol tends to contain a lot of it! By all means indulge in mulled wine as you watch the fireworks but take care to drink water alongside to rinse it away. As above, take care to maintain your oral hygiene routine.

Warning signs

Tooth pain? Bleeding gums? Bad breath? Tooth discoloration? All of these are a reason to book an appointment to see the dentist. Just because you’re celebrating, there’s no reason to ignore the niggling signs.

The earlier these symptoms are explored and the causes treated, the lesser the chance of these problems turning into real horrors! Call us on 0114 350 3180 or book an appointment online.