Protect your childs teeth in those PE lessons

gum shields

In the busy run-up to the return to school after the long Summer break, now is the time to make sure that parents have all the necessary information to help them protect their child’s teeth during those competitive PE lessons.

This includes ensuring that important items like a mouth guard are checked and replaced if necessary.  This is an essential piece of kit for most sports – hockey and rugby spring to mind straight away.  For most schools and clubs the mouth guard is a mandatory piece of kit especially if you want to protect your childs teeth during those playful break times of competitive PE lessons.

Here at one80dental, we have seen all too often to consequences of a hit to the face on the sports field, whether it be hockey, rugby or football.  The result of an injury can be traumatic, and the damage serious and irreversible.  Yes, we can replace missing teeth and we can repair damaged teeth, but who wants to undergo extensive and costly dental treatment if this can be avoided or minimised by the wearing of a mouth guard?

When damage is sustained to a tooth the initial repair is often just the first step on a long journey of dental treatment.  The damaged tooth or teeth are forever compromised and WILL need treatment again at some future stage.

We cannot emphasise strongly enough how important it is to protect those precious teeth from damage.  This is why we always recommend a custom-made mouth guard.

The team here at One80 use OPRO Mouthguards for the fabrication of mouth guards for our patients.  This UK based company is the largest producer of mouth guards in the world and produces thousands of mouth guards each day for schools, colleges, clubs and individuals all over the world.

So make sure this essential piece of kit is in the sports bag ready for the start of the new school year.  If your child already has a mouth guard, just make sure it’s in good condition and that it still fits – it might be time for a new one!