Professor P I Branemark

The teams at one80dental and Springmount Dental are sorry to learn of the passing of Professor P I Branemark, the greatest inovator in oral rehabilitation, whose foresight led to the ability for patients to enjoy life free from the misery of dentures.

“Professor Brånemark was a giant, brilliantly scientific intellect, embodied in an equally large compassionate heart. His caring focus was always on the patient,” said Dr. Edward Sevetz, Jr., Past President, Academy of Osseointegration. “His breakthrough discovery of osseointegrated titanium benefits patients throughout the world, and will forever benefit mankind.”

“Professor Brånemark’s work genuinely transformed the dental landscape and the smiles of millions of people across the globe,” said AO President Dr. Joseph Gian-Grasso. “It is because of him that the Academy of Osseointegration exists, and today we honor his memory and monumental legacy. As an organization, we aspire to encompass his passion and to continue his lifelong work to enhance oral health globally.”

In May 1982, Professor Brånemark introduced osseointegration to North America at a conference in Toronto, Canada, sparking much interest and enthusiasm and creating ripples throughout the dental community. Proponents of the new science were determined to improve the success rate of implants.

After learning of this new technique, Dr. Charles Berman and Dr. Gerald Barrack formed the New York Osseointegration Study Group, a small conclave of friends with a shared passion to understand and share knowledge about this new science. This group evolved into AO, as it is known today.

Because of Professor Brånemark’s, and his predecessors’, ongoing commitment to research, technological advancements and proper training, dental implants are now highly predictable and commonplace with a success rate of about 95 percent.

“Today we mourn the loss of Professor Brånemark. At the same time, we celebrate the honor of having known him and thank our good fortunes for the knowledge that he provided,” said Dr. Steven Eckert, editor of The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants.

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