How patients at One80dental can benefit from 3D bone reconstruction

One80dental’s dentist Nigel Rosenbaum is a big fan of utilising modern technology to improve the life of his patients, claiming that Patients at One80dental can benefit from 3D bone reconstruction.

Nigel uses a CBCT scanner to plan the bone reconstruction, using a technique developed by Professor Fouad Khoury, and has been providing bone reconstruction since 2008 to enable implant placement where it would otherwise be impossible.

Identifies problems more accurately  

Using 3D dental imaging, we are able to identify dental problems with greater accuracy. Rather than generating a two-dimensional image, the 3D imaging technology created a three-dimensional model that can be analyzed from different angles. We can even examine cross sections from this digital model for an even more detailed analysis of the soft tissues and hard tissues of your mouth

More Effective Implant Dentistry

At One80dental, Nigel uses 3D dental imaging for dental implant placement as well as many other advanced dental therapies.Examining the teeth, the bone structure and the various soft tissues of the mouth means that a patient’s treatment plan can be customisedto suit their individual needs.

Improving Patient safety

One of the advantages of providing effective dental care is to increase the patient’s safety and education. The use of 3D dental imaging means less radiation exposure than traditional x-rays. In addition to that, digital imaging promotes patient education, allowing you to understand how Nigel will treat the various structures of your mouth.

This saves the patient money

Using 3D bone reconstruction saves the patient money and allows the patient to have a fixed solution when other approaches may have required bilateral sinus grafts and twice as many implants with the associated increase in fees.

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