One80dental in Sheffield is now offering Facial Aesthetics Treatments to patients


One80dental in Sheffield is now offering a range of facial aesthetics treatments, which include injectable muscle relaxants and dermal fillers for facial rejuvenation.

The use of injectable muscle relaxants (botulinum toxin) can help reduce those fine lines and wrinkles that develop through years of repeated facial expression. Dermal fillers are indicated for deep creases and folding of the skin, whilst also increasing lip volume and contour.

Here at one80dental all treatments are carried out by experienced dental surgeon Samantha Thompson. Samantha has over 27 years experience as a dentist, and has been carrying out non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments at her dental practice in Chesterfield since 2010 and has joined us at one80dental to offer these treatments here.

Facial aesthetic treatments are quick

One of the reasons why the use of injectable muscle relaxant is so popular is because it’s quick so you can pop in for a 20 -30 minute treatment during your lunch hour and you will start to see the effects within a few days.

Long lasting effects

The effects of botulinum toxin last generally for between 3-4 months, dermal fillers last generally around 6-8 months. The effects of these treatments wear off gradually and may be repeated as necessary.

Pain free procedure

Treatment involving the use of injectable muscle relaxants is rarely painful as the needles are so fine and the dose injected so tiny.  Topical anaesthetic is used for filler injections, and most people find this quite sufficient. If you are still uncomfortable then we can use a local anaesthetic. It is not a painful procedure, and as Samantha is a dental surgeon, skilled in the administration of local anaesthetics, she will ensure it is as comfortable as possible.

Different types of treatments

There are three main areas that can be treated with anti wrinkle injections.

Area 1: just above and between the eyebrows known as the glabella

Area 2: the forehead

Area 3: the crows feet or smile lines at the side of the eyes

It’s affordable

Treatment prices start from £200, but are dependent upon areas treated.

If you would like to find out more about treatments you can book online or call 0114 350 3180 to speak to a member of the team.