Go with the flow for a brighter smile

oneeightydental-47The innovative, AirFlow advanced polishing treatment is a great way to finish your visit to our hygienist, leaving you with a super clean mouth and a naturally brighter smile.
The AirFlow treatment painlessly cleans and polishes teeth using a powerful jet of water, compressed air and fine powder particles.
In an advancement on the traditional clean and polish treatment, the AirFlow polisher does not have direct contact with the teeth so is more comfortable for patients and delivers brilliant results.
AirFlow polishes all the surfaces of a tooth, removing plaque and soft deposits. It reaches into the difficult to clean interproximal (in-between) areas which tend to attract more plaque and staining. 
Using the AirFlow polisher to remove excess surface staining helps to return teeth to their natural lustre, and makes the whole mouth feel much cleaner and healthier.

Air polishing is also an ideal way of cleaning before procedures that require bonding and the use of sealants as it removes nearly 100 percent of bacteria and endotoxins.

Your dental professional will advise, but the AirFlow can be used to remove deposits beneath the gums and to promote health around implants and root surfaces.