Written treatment plans with clear fee information

one80dental offers a high level of dental care which encompasses sophisticated specialist techniques and long lasting solutions, often life-long, which are provided routinely. We believe our fees represent good value for this standard of treatment and the results it delivers.

Patients are provided with a written treatment plan, with explanation of any proposed treatment and clear fee information. In complex cases, individual plans will include multiple options catering for a range of budgets, payment options and timescales.

The majority of complex treatment options would extend over a considerable time period. In such cases, we would naturally provide an individual payment plan.

For general guidance, we have included a table showing some examples of different levels of treatment which you may require.

Routine check-up £42
Dental hygiene appointment £58
Initial assessment (includes all necessary x-rays) £140
Full case assessment with treatment planning
(counts towards fees for advanced treatment)
Fillings From £70
Root canal fillings From £350
Single implant-supported crown From £1,800
Tooth supported crown From £650
Veneers From £650
BPS dentures £3,600
Acrylic dentures From £650 per arch
Precision chrome dentures From £1,850 per arch