False Teeth

The thought of false teeth, or dentures, can be something that fills people with dread but it doesn’t have to be that way! Often dentures are a practical way of replacing missing teeth and therefore making sure to address any potential problems which may occur as a result of the gaps. So what should you know about dentures?

Who are they for?

Dentures are an option for anyone who has any missing teeth.

What are they?

Dentures are removable false teeth. They are usually made from plastic, nylon or acrylic. It is possible to get complete or partial dentures – the former replace all the upper or lower teeth while the latter replaces just a sole tooth or a few of them.

When do you need them?

Dentures are used when the gaps left by missing teeth could cause dental health problems or simply to fix any gaps which appear unsightly. If you have to have a tooth removed, dentures can normally be fitted straightaway, although changes as the mouth adjusts means that it is likely that they will need refitting later on. Dentures should last for several years when they are well looked after.

Why have dentures?

Missing teeth may lead to problems with eating and speech. Dentures can prevent and help with this. They also give confidence to those who feel self-conscious about having gaps between their teeth.

How should you look after your dentures?

Continuing to follow a good oral hygiene routine and keeping up regular visits to your dentist is the best way to look after your dentures. You must clean your dentures with the same care and respect you would your teeth.

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