Encouraging start to study club series

specialist1A quick word word regarding our inaugural study club series.

So far we have had three study club meetings which have covered a broad range of clinical and some not so clinical topics.

Johnathan Hoare led an interesting discussion on when it is appropriate to refer a tooth for root treatment, and this was explored further in more general terms with Nigel Rosenbaum.

This introduced the group to a relatively recent classification and prognostic evaluation giving a standardised tool for assessing the overall status of teeth.

The next event saw Professor Ian Brook deliver a fascinating evening on how to reduce the chances of being up before the GDC, illustrating this with numerous examples of how not to do it gathered from his extensive experience as a medico-legal expert.

The third study club evening involved a slight departure in format, where we had presentations from Professor Joe Kan, University of Loma Linda, California, followed by a lively web chat taking up his lunch break and extending into his afternoon.

This series is not yet finished, the remaining session being a hands-on practical for temporising immediate implant placement. Thanks to all those who attended, looking forward to the next series, which may be in the autumn.

Please contact our Business Development Manager Jane Davidson should you be interested in attending.