The Dentistry Show 2014

The Dentistry Show doubles in size as our appetite for better dentistry surges.

The 2014 Dentistry Show returns to the NEC Birmingham on February 28 to showcase the latest dental equipment and technology. It’s all complemented by discussions and seminars from globally acclaimed pioneers – some of the inventive people who transform the way dentists care for our teeth.
Over the past three years the number of visitors attending the two-day event has more than doubled to around 6,500 and this year the show will host over 300 exhibitors as organisers aim to attract more dental care professionals than ever before.
Orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry remain key areas of growth as new materials and technologies revolutionise the way dental crowns and bridges are manufactured and implanted into our mouths.
Rising attendances at dental shows and conferences indicate that dentists are keen to explore new procedures to deliver better, more natural looking teeth as well as more permanent alternatives to dentures.
In Britain, the public appetite for better dentistry has taken a long time to gather pace but there is no doubt that it is here now and all the signs suggest it will become ever more popular in the coming years.
The odd thing is, it’s not as if the penny only just dropped in our collective consciousness; we’ve lusted after that perfect smile for a long time. We watched open-mouthed (not too open – don’t show those crooked teeth) as Hollywood stars dazzled us over the decades – think Farah Fawcett, Robert Redford or Julia Roberts and your mind is snow-blinded by extravagant rows of white and uniform teeth.
In March 1971, Mungo Jerry gave us further insight into desirable dentistry when they topped the UK singles chart with a song called Baby Jump. It contained the line:
“She got beautiful teeth, a toothpaste adman’s dream.”
Well bully for her (whoever she was) but what about the rest of us? Why can’t we be part of that adman’s dream too?
Well, the times they are a changing – or rather, they have already changed because a confident, natural-looking smile is now within our grasp. Discreet dental braces and aligners can gently coax our errant teeth into their rightful place, while dental implants can offer long-term solutions to absentees without all the discomfort and inconvenience of a removable denture and that dreaded glass of water at our bedside.
Thanks to events like the Dentistry Show at Birmingham, an ever expanding catalogue of new materials and technology will be made available to dentists. That’s great for us because now if we lose a tooth it can be replaced with something that looks, feels and behaves just like the real thing.
As for Mungo Jerry’s girl, well she may have had a fantastic smile 43 years ago but I bet now she’s more likely to have become a denture adman’s dream – unless of course, she opted for implants too.
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