Dental sedation

Here at one80dental, our priority is to ensure your visit to us is as comfortable as possible. People who have had a negative experience in the past may consider visiting the dentist a nerve wracking prospect. We are fully aware of this and so are keen to make your experience with us a relaxing one. With that in mind, we are pleased to offer dental sedation where necessary. This helps to keep you feeling assured throughout your dental procedure and seeks to keep any fears at bay.

Who Does It?

We work with qualified practitioners who provide sedation services at one80dental. One of our sedationists is a Consultant Anaesthetist, the others are all qualified dentists, some of whom are also medical doctors.

How It Works

We provide intraveneous sedation. An injection is given which contains a small and controlled amount of a sedative drug called Propofol or Midazolam, or a combination of the two.  This reduces anxiety so that patients are kept calm and comfortable throughout their dental procedure.

Why Use It?

This is an option worth considering if you feel particularly nervous about an upcoming dental treatment.  You remain awake throughout but in a relaxed and mildly drowsy state. Sedation allows you to experience your visit to us uninhibited by any anxiety you may have previously experienced.

Making use of this service is beneficial as it ensures that you can feel confident about your experience. We know a positive mindset combined with a pain free experience is one of the best ways to combat any fear regarding your dental procedure.

If you would like to find out more, please call one80Dental on 0114 350 3180 to speak to a member of our team.