Catherine returns from Cambodian volunteer mission

Cambodia trip We are so proud of our wonderful dental nurse Catherine Ashley who has completed a volunteer dental mission to Cambodia.
Catherine, and her fellow dental nurse daughter Abbey, spent two weeks working in schools, slums and prisons with the charity DENTAID.
They were initially based in a school on the outskirts of the capital Phnom Penh, helping clinicians treat children and their families, as well as providing oral health education.
Catherine spent four days in a women’s prison seeing an average of 50-60 patients a day, many with appalling tooth decay.
“We were working with very basic equipment but were able to make a big difference to people in communities that have very little access to dental care,” said Catherine.
“Tooth decay is such a huge problem in Cambodia. Many people can’t afford treatment so the state of teeth and dental health is very poor but everyone was so grateful for our help.”
The DENTAID mission worked with One-2-One, a charity offering dental care in orphanages, schools and prisons in Phnom Penh and outlying areas, as well as a group of fourth year dental students from the University of Sheffield on their elective year.
During her stay Catherine also bought, cooked and delivered food to local slums helping to feed local children before moving to the city of Kampong Cham working with a retired Cambodian dentist to provide outreach dental clinics in remote villages.
Catherine, 43, added: “It was the most amazing, rewarding experience. It was very tough but the people were just fantastic and to be there with Abbey as well was just brilliant.
“It certainly puts everything into perspective and makes you realise how very lucky we are.”
Catherine was able to raise the £2,500 cost of the volunteer mission thanks to support from the one80dental practice team and patients, family and friends.