Better fitting dentures in Sheffield


Have you ever visited a restaurant and have been overcome with embarrassment, frustration and disappointment because of your ill- fitting, loose dentures?

Here is some advice on how you can get better fitting dentures in Sheffield so you no longer have to worry when it comes to meal times and socialising.

Patients have often visited us at One80 dental because their dentures are uncomfortable or don’t perform exactly as expected at all times.

Our leading Specialist in Prosthodontics Nigel Rosenbaum can make your dentures fit better than other dentists by spending just 45 minutes accurately measuring your teeth,which means he has a lower return rate than any other dentist in the area.

When your natural teeth are removed and your denture is installed, there will be natural, normal shrinkage of your gums. After a few years, this shrinkage causes your new properly fitted denture to become looser.

Sometimes the loose denture is the cause of sores or tender places on your gums that hinder you so much that eating and chewing your food is a really painful experience. One alternative or way to solve or fix this problem is to visit your dentist and have him make a new impression or mold of your mouth and then use that mold to permanently adjust and re-line your denture or to consider dental implants which might not be an option for all patients.

Getting new dentures can be an expensive process since it involves: one or more dental appointments plus a new impression, adjustments to remove rough edges and other professional techniques needed for proper results. Then a couple of years later, because of natural gum shrinkage, you may have to do the same thing all over again.

A basic requirement for your good health is to eat good, healthy food that is chewed properly as improperly chewed and swallowed food can lead to many other health and stomach problems. So to avoid those problems, be sure you do everything you can to make your dentures as comfortable as you possible and if you have an issue contact us on 0114 299 9575 and we will come up with a solution to suit you.